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Getting clear skin is not impossible, healthy skin means beautiful you. As soon as season’s transition, it’s not uncommon to see some changes in your skin such as oily skin in one season will present as dry skin in another season. A lot of skin issues stem from climate and being aware of how to deal with those climate issues can have a huge impact on your overall skin health. Changing your clothes to accommodate for changes in the weather is the norm, but how often do you thing about the changes you need to make to your skincare routine. As the weather drops you may grab a scarf or put on a jacket, but do you also adopt winter skincare routine?   


When it’s cold out your skin is going to become dry. The cold weather dries out the pores, causing your skin to become easily irritated and requiring you to use a different skincare to keep it feeling healthy. The dryness is actually why the cold weather causes your skin to become cracked leading to uncomfortable itching and skin that is tuff to the touch. Simply vamping up your moisturizing routine come winter isn’t the smartest thing to do. Talk to your Dermatologist about the best skincare practice for your overall skin’s health. Keeping in mind the winter in Pakistan the temperature and low humidity levels result in dry air that draws the moisture away from the skin harsh winter winds and dry indoor heat produced by indoor heater use practice (very common in Pakistan) can make the problem worst


Being a Dermatologist I would like to elaborate few winter skincare routine steps which everyone should adopt to avoid skin issues in winters.



Step 1: Choose Gentle Deep Cleansing Face Wash


Regular oil control lemon, neem and tea tree based face washes are worst choices to be made during winter season, as they will give you dry and cracked skin. For winter the best face washes are those which lock the moisture deeply cleanse your skin without disturbing the natural PH barrier of your skin. Use of a proper face wash according to the weather is the most important step in our skincare routine which is also the most neglected part of anyone’s skincare. So whenever you start proper skincare routine never forget to choose best face wash according to your skin type, condition and weather. Beat the winter with our Naked Visage Purifying Face Wash a very gentle deep cleansing creamy and nonirritant formula which is best for all skin types especially in winters. This incredible formula will work wonders on your skin if you have oily skin, it will balance the oil ratio of your skin, if you have the other extreme i.e dry skin, it will deeply cleanse your pores to avoid clogged pores due to extra dry skin. Use our best face wash twice a day to get maximum benefits out of it.  


Naked Visage Purifying Face Wash

Step 2: Lock in Your Skin’s Natural Moisture with Best Moisturizer


The winter season can be tortuous on your precious skin. So using a good moisturizer is the key to locking in your skin’s natural moisture. The regular moisturizers used during summer will never compliment your skin in winters. Using a moisturizer is the most crucial step in winter skin care routine because definitely none of us want dry skin, dull complexion or dry patches. Moisturizers are great against the dehydrating effects of winter. There are thousands of moisturizers available in market now days so it’s quite difficult for anyone to choose a proper moisturizer according to skin type. A moisturizer which is good for dry skin can cause acne on oily skin and any moisturizer best for oily skin will not be enough to rehydrate dry skin, therefore choosing a good moisturizer is very important step in skin care routine. If you have oily skin even in winters you still need a moisturizer and in this situation try to choose a light weight gel based moisturizer to avoid breakouts, our Naked Ora Water Gel Booster is the best moisturizer if you have oily skin or combination skin. It will properly moisturize your skin without making it oilier and causing any skin issues. But if you suffer from dry skin condition our D Repair Moisturizer is best option for your skin. It will cover all the dryness from your skin giving it a healthy look without leaving oil traces on your skin it quickly absorbs in your skin and locks the natural skin oils. Use your moisturizer in both your AM and PM Skincare routine.


 Naked Ora Water Gel Booster

Step 3: Wear Sunscreen – The Sun Has Not Gone Anywhere


I often get asked by patients why they need sunscreens in winters even if they are not exposing to Sun. But most people are unaware that the winter UV rays can be every bit as damaging as the summer sun. You may not be get any sun exposure in winters but you are still exposed to harmful rays as in Pakistan we commonly use heating systems in our homes and you should know that you are exposed to UVA rays every time you walk outside even when you are in your car as UVA penetrates through window glass and cause skin problems like aging, rashes, pigmentation and even skin cancer, so using the sunscreen even in winters is crucial step in your skincare routine. Use our SC60 Sunscreen SPF 60+ which is very light weight physical sunscreen giving you both UVA and UVB protection with sunscreen SPF 60 plus. Use your sunscreen religiously to get a perfectly protected skin.


SPF 60 plus sunscreen SC60 Sunscreen is water gel sunscreen best for all skin types

Step 4: Add Toner – Balance Your Skin PH


Most of us skip this step in winters but remember it’s the time when PH of our skin could be disturbed badly and we need to maintain it with good hydrating toner to avoid skin damage and bacterial infections. Here again you need to switch your product with a watery toner to avoid drying effects of regular toners. Use our Naked Galore Skin Brightening Toner which is water based alcohol free and very light weight. It moisturizes, protects and brightens up your skin.


Naked Galore Skin Brightening Toner is best toner in pakistan for all skin types


Step 5: Swap out Your Drying Cleanser for Hydrating Cleanser


We often assume we can use same cleanser all year long but water based cleansers are good option only in summers but in winters your skin needs all the moisture available to it since there is none or very less available in air. This is the best time to use creamy cleanser. We introduce to you our Purifying Deep Cleanser which helps restore natural oils in skin while cleansing away impurities and sooth your skin as well.


Purifying Deep Cleanser

Step 6: Pamper Your Skin with Best Night Cream


Just as you pop your favorite winter coat over your dress and over body warmer, layer up your skin with a good skin rejuvenating night cream to maintain healthy wrinkle free skin in winters as in winter due to dry weather skin is more prone to aging our Dexvento Nightri Rejuvenating Cream is best to be used during these days as it contain world’s best Retinol which is best to rejuvenate your skin.


best retinol cream in Pakistan as you all know that retinol products are good for anti aging

Step 7: Exfoliate to Replenish Your Skin


While it’s true that your skincare routine should undergo some changes during cold weather, don’t put your exfoliating products on back burner. Between the cold air outside and heating system inside our homes, your skin cells die out faster in winters and clog the pores in your skin and give your skin a dull aging look and these dead cells also block moisture from the layers of healthy skin cells that actually needs it. Exfoliators improve the effectiveness of moisturizer as well. Use our Cleanopy Scrub which gently removes dead skin cells, unclog skin pores, removes dry skin and makes skin smoother, and also improves the overall texture of your skin. Use Exfoliator at least one a week to buff away the dead cells so that new cells come in.


Cleanopy Scrub

Step 8: Don’t Forget Your Lips


In winter our lips become dry, chapped and lose its beautiful rosy color. The skin of lips is delicate and has no sebaceous glands meaning it doesn’t naturally produce the moisturizing oils that the rest of your body does. So lips need some extra care especially in winters and unfortunately we always forget lips in our skincare routine. Always keep your lips well hydrated in winters, use a good lip balm not only in AM or PM Skincare routine but also during rest of the day keep reapplying your lip balm. To maintain the natural color of your lips and avoid chapped lips use a good lip scrub as well, because like rest of our skin our lips also need exfoliation. Our Dexvento True Tint gently exfoliates your lips and maintains its pink tint.    


From summer to winters it’s not only our way of living, clothes or eating habit change but our skin also changes season to season. There are several skin issues that can result from typical winter weather though you can’t control the cold weather you can make sure you are taking steps to prepare and protect your skin.

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Dr sahiba didn’t mentioned your degree and studies for relevant work


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