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Anti dandruff Oil

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Luxorian Antidandruff Oil is combined with the exclusive and essential oil formulae that can clean, condition and strengthen the hair right from the roots and to the tips. The Luxorian Antidandruff Oil is meant to nourish and condition your hair and thus is made with all the essential ingredients to give you the best results. The Luxorian Antidandruff Oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that target and diminish dandruff from the roots. Luxorian Antidandruff Oil is a reliable product to help you on the way to have healthy hair without worrying about itching, irritation, flaking or any other issue. The gentle ingredients are meant to help you deal with the skin issues and hair damage, making sure that you are left with no hair damage in future. We believe in boosting the power of natural ingredients by mixing them with chemical products to give you the best, each time.