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Laser Plasma Pen Moles, Freckle and Spots Remover

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Mini Nevus/ Spot/ Tattoo Removal Pen
keep face clean and smooth
without electric shock
mole removal
without hurting
spots/scars removal
without bleeding
tattoo removal 



1. Long press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to power on or off. After starting, the red light is at 1 gear. The red light mean gear light. If there is no operation after 30mins when the power is on, it will shutdown itself for protection. Short press ON/OFF to change the output rate.(1 means low-power, 4means middle- power, 9 means high-power). Press ON/OFF twice shows the electric quantity, green light means power. Press any button to return.

2. OUT

When pressing OUT ,it begins to work. It will stop working when OUT isn't pressed. The light is orange when it is working.

3. Protective Function

After long press OUT 2mins ,it will stop working. If you want to continue to work, please long press OUT again.

4. Power and Charging Indication

All three lights on means the device is full power. When the second light is on, means the power is only 75%; when the first light is on, means the power is only 50%; when the last light on, power is 25%, when the threes light are on and still, means finishing charging.

Customer Reviews

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Anabelle Yost

In Kazakhstan, delivery 20 days, perfectly packed, in working condition, everything is super! thanks to the seller!!!!

Nadia Hettinger

For such money is the highest pilot, we have a procedure for removing papilomki-1000re for one piece, super handle, take it will not regret it! Twist it!

Betsy Nitzsche

Laser Plasma Pen Moles, Freckle and Spots Remover

Boris Bogisich

Envío rápido, funcionamiento sencillo.

Cortney Muller

Came completely discharged. After full charge, it works. Complete set. Packed well.