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P Derm Ointment

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P Derm Ointment is made up of Salicylic Acid, LPC, Clobevate, WSP to heal the issues of Psoriasis. The P- Derm Ointment is an advanced formula that provides lasting and prompt relief for skin issues like dermatitis, eczema and above all Psoriasis. The P- Derm Ointment can help you heal the painful damage to your skin with the help of natural products. The product is equally effective on all skin types.
The product help to heal, soothe, nourish and moisturize the base of skin, reduce the itching and pain, reduce itching and swelling of the skin, boost healing, restore the natural PH level of ski and keep your skin hydrated for more than 12 hours. The product claims to improve the drastic cases of eczema, shingles, dermatitis, irritated skin and psoriasis.
The non-greasy formula of P- Derm Ointment helps to keep your skin safe from hosting external bacteria and other environment hosted skin damage elements. It won’t clog the skin pores, absorb fast and leaves no residue. It is steroid free and with no toxic fillers.